Project Manager

Project Manager


Полная занятость


Required skills:

— responsibility for the system integrity and working speed;
— knowing the modern project management methods;
— excellent sociable skills and skills for work in the extreme conditions;
— excellent organizational, interpersonal and leadership skills;
— technical thinking.

Our bonuses and compensations:

— regular reconsideration of salary;
— bonuses for achievements;
— paid vacation and sick-list;
— partial compensation of participation fee of the internal professional events;
— English courses;
— Free lunch, tea, coffee;
— Regular corporate events;
— Rooms for rest.


— development process organization, including the testing process;
— distribution of tasks among the developers;
— search for developers if necessary;
— project records management and updating;
— task planning for the team and defining the task priority;
— managements and coordination of project group work, who are responsible for the project development;
— organization and support of relationship with the client’s representatives;
— improvement of the internal communication and management processes, introduction of formal technological processes;
— assessment of developers’ work quality;
— staff management, staff assessment.

We work in the friendliest working team and what unites us is love for creation, working for our souls, and the staff, of course.
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